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"Yuan" makes the future by self chemistry and &

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This year is the International Year of the periodic table of chemical elements, with the theme of "Yuan" self chemistry and "Su" making the future. 88 elements commonly used in the periodic table of chemical elements have become the "Encyclopedia" guiding the world. Since the founding of new China 70 years ago, China's chemical industry has made great contributions to the global economy and created many firsts. The 30-year development of the company is an epitome of the development of China's chemical industry.
Committed to the basic research of the periodic table of chemical elements, polyfluoroduo explored the essential characteristics and logical relationship of fluorine, lithium and silicon, and walked out a transformation road from chemistry to electrochemistry, from fluorine chemical industry to new energy. Li Shijiang, chairman of the board, said that fluorine materials are closely related to life, materials, human health, national security and national economy. Exploring the unlimited possibility of fluorine application in human life and industrial production has become the persistent pursuit of multifluoro.
In the unremarkable field, multifluorodox has reached the acme - cryolite, aluminum fluoride, hydrofluoric acid and lithium hexafluorophosphate are all in the forefront of the country. In the foreseeable future, all the electronic grade chemicals of polyfluoro will have a position in China and a global influence.
Dare to do is a group of Chinese private entrepreneurs, Li Shijiang is no exception. Before meeting Li Shijiang himself, people familiar with him told reporters: "at that time, there were not many people who knew fluorine chemical industry in China, so he dared to do it." Many years later, reporters who are very familiar with Li Shijiang deeply feel that Li Shijiang has indeed made great efforts in "fluorine" and achieved good results. In fact, the essence of the transformation and development of multifluorodo is to study three batteries, namely aluminum reduction cell battery, lithium-ion battery and solar cell. They make energy, store energy and save energy respectively, forming three levels of making energy, storing energy and saving energy, forming the technological innovation roadmap of polyfluoro. Based on this, the company has explored structural lightweight, power electrification and vehicle intelligence, and entered into new energy vehicles.
To change and influence the world is the dream and confidence of many Chinese private entrepreneurs, and Li Shijiang is no exception. He said that in the process of transformation, upgrading and structural adjustment, the company pays attention to the comprehensive utilization of resources, and seriously discusses the process of where fluorine comes from, where it goes again, and how it circulates. We have developed a series of new processes and technologies for the production of fluorine products by using fluorine resources as by-product of phosphate fertilizer. We have carried out a series of technological innovations and become the convener of international standards for inorganic fluorine. We have won the right to speak in the field of inorganic fluorine for our country, and gradually formed the development goal of "connecting fluorine to the world, lithium to the world, silicon to five continents".
Fluorine through the world, that is, around the comprehensive utilization of fluorine resources, to achieve large-scale fluoride, efficient. Lithium in the world, that is, relying on electronic grade fluoride to realize the refinement and high quality of lithium batteries and materials. Silicon reaches Wuzhou, that is, fluorine is used as the medium to realize the serialization and high-end of silicon products.
After eight years of Anti Japanese War, polyfluoro realized the industrialization of lithium hexafluorophosphate, a new material for lithium battery, and set up the backbone of national industry to transform from fluorine chemical industry to new energy. High purity crystal lithium hexafluorophosphate project, won the second prize of national science and technology progress award.
By undertaking the special project of intelligent manufacturing comprehensive standardization and new mode application of the Ministry of industry and information technology of the people's Republic of China, the company promoted the digital transformation of the enterprise and effectively improved the product performance. The battery matching rate increased from 89.66% to 98.1%, and the product qualification rate exceeded 95%. Through the intelligent transformation of the factory, the use of advanced intelligent equipment with digital technology, through the virtual design and verification of products, the production efficiency of multifluoro is increased by 25%, the operating cost is reduced by 20%, and the energy utilization rate is increased by 15%.
Li Shijiang said that from breaking the industry myth of "no separation of fluorine and silicon" to the "three skillful separation" of fluorine and silicon, multifluoro makes efficient use of low-grade fluorine and silicon resources. The first separation is "sodium fluosilicate to produce high molecular weight cryolite and high quality silica", which was awarded "national high-tech industrialization demonstration project" in 2002; the second separation is "fluosilicate to produce anhydrous hydrogen fluoride and silica", which is undergoing arduous application test; the third separation is "fluosilicate to produce electronic grade silane and electronic grade chemicals" Major breakthroughs have been made.
It is the first time that the interaction between fluorine and silicon constitutes one of the foundations of the semiconductor industry, realizing the convergence of fluorine and silicon in the semiconductor industry and contributing wisdom to "China core". Technological innovation of dofluoro is always on the way.
It has developed a technological innovation route of "technology patenting, patent standardization and standard internationalization". Li Shousheng, former president of the China Petrochemical Federation, and Yang Du, a famous economist, summed up the contributions of polyfluoro to the study of chemical elements: "the combination of fluorine and lithium", "the separation of fluorine and silicon", and "one separation and one combination", which have both philosophical thinking and scientific flowers.
In the new era, data is experiencing nuclear explosive growth. From Internet Plus + to share economy and digital economy, the connotation comes from one continuous line. "Internet plus" is the means, and the digital economy is the result. The former emphasizes connection, while the latter emphasizes output and benefit.
As a striver of inorganic fluorine chemical industry, multifluoro has responsibility, wisdom and responsibility. Doflodo integrates digital thinking and philosophical thinking, and implements digital management reform in an all-round way.
Through the docking of intelligent design and development, intelligent procurement, intelligent production, intelligent market, intelligent logistics and industrial Internet, the "5 + 1" cloud platform has been formed. With the organization system of integrating big background, strong middle platform and small front desk, the safe and efficient information exchange bridge with digital ability integration and application as the core has been built to realize users, technology, management, products and business The integration of total factors and industry, optimization of resource allocation, collaborative innovation, create a new value chain. This is the continuous exploration and pursuit of dofloxacin in the process of digital transformation.
The essence of digital economy lies in improving efficiency and activating potential. With the help of the "three intelligence" platform, multifluoro and digital economy are effectively integrated, and the momentum is surging. Standing in the new era, adhering to the whole industry chain thinking of "collaborative symbiosis and leapfrog development", dofloxacin is mutually empowered with upstream and downstream innovation genes, embracing the Internet and digitization.
Through the intelligent transformation of the traditional fluoride production process and equipment, the annual output of a single production line of polyfluoroanhydrous aluminum fluoride has been increased from 30000 tons to 60000 tons, and the unit steam consumption has been reduced from 0.41 tons to 0.2 tons, creating a new benchmark for the industry. Anhydrous aluminum fluoride technical transformation project is included in the central budget of 2019 technical transformation project. The degree of automation will be increased to 95%, the production efficiency will be increased by 25%, and the energy utilization rate will be increased by 15%.
With business orientation, digitalization, visualization and intelligence as the core, polyfluoro promotes the development of fluoride and lithium batteries from standardization, automation to intelligence. With the help of bim5d platform, a new mode of project construction management visualization and platform collaborative management is realized. The project won the title of "China's digital transformation and innovation strategic model in 2018" and was selected into the "white paper of China's digital enterprises in 2018", becoming a typical case of management science and information system teaching in Guanghua School of Peking University.
Under the guidance of the 24 character management policy, DFT runs through three dimensions and ten key elements interconnection through SAP / ERP, integrates it infrastructure platform, operation and management platform, intelligent manufacturing platform, collaborative office platform and business intelligence platform, constructs the DFT intelligent management sharing center, realizes the visualization of operation data, scientific management decision-making, accurate insight into the future, and opens the digital platform It is a new journey of high quality development. The management reform of DFT emphasizes the relationship based on trust, attaches great importance to the application of digitalization, simplifies the management system, simplifies the process of assessment and management, achieves a new balance between individual and organization, business and platform, material and spirit, and seeks effective growth and greater space for growth.
Focusing on the general strategy from chemistry to electrochemistry, from fluorine chemical industry to new energy, DFT carries out digital transformation and operation transformation, builds "three intelligent projects" of intelligent enterprise, intelligent manufacturing and intelligent talent gathering, and takes the 24 word management policy of "centralized control and service, professional operation, multi-dimensional system, interconnection, value creation and intelligent responsibility" as the guide to give full play to the organization dimension, management and control dimension, and transition It integrates industrial technology, information technology and management technology, and implements innovation leading, prediction decision-making and overall control. We should pursue the ideological height of political economy, the industrial height of atomic economics and the era height of Digital Economics, and integrate the three heights to form the core competitiveness of the sustainable and healthy development of multifluoro.