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Fluorine chemical industry brings Phoenix to nest

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Fluorine new material is an important part of national strategic emerging industry.
Although it is a new industry, the fluorine chemical industry has been on the old road of resource consumption and low-end industry. With the development of fluorite ore gradually tightened, the transformation and upgrading of fluorine chemical industry is imperative.
In our province, the development of fluorine chemical industry has both resource advantages and industrial foundation, but it has not become a strong province with large quantity and high quality. According to the report, there are 23 fluorine chemical production enterprises in the province, with an output value of about 13.6 billion yuan in 2018. At the end of 2018, our province issued several opinions on promoting the green and efficient development of Fujian's fluorine chemical industry, which laid out the green and high-quality development of fluorine chemical industry, aiming at strengthening the fluorine chemical industry cluster.
How to dig out the golden mountain and keep the green mountain? The reporter of Zhuchuang learned that our province is seeking industrial technology breakthrough on the one hand, industrial cluster development on the other hand, and exploring the use of fluorite resources to attract fluorine chemical industry to spread in the land of Fujian.
Southeast network, May 23 (Fujian Daily reporter you Xiaochun) in Sanming in April, an exchange docking meeting with the theme of "fluorine" was held. Around the topics of green development, technological innovation, structural optimization and industrial upgrading of fluorine new material industry, 19 reports were exchanged intensively.
This docking meeting attracted nearly 200 representatives from more than 80 government departments, scientific research institutes, universities, industry organizations and chemical enterprises across the country, and its popularity exceeded expectations.
This is not only an exchange and Discussion on the development of the national fluorine new material industry, but also a "hand in hand" docking meeting for the industry university research cooperation and the upstream and downstream industries of fluorine new materials. The guests went to Sanyuan, Qingliu, Mingxi and other fluorine industrial parks to make changes for the fluorine chemical industry.
Zhang Jianjun, Secretary General of China fluorine silicon organic materials industry association, pointed out that China's fluorine chemical industry is large but not strong. After the capacity expansion of raw materials and other basic products in recent years, it is also facing the pressure and challenges of transformation and upgrading.
Driving force for transformation to resource scarcity
Fluorite is the basic resource of fluorine new material industry. High grade fluorite is a world-class scarce resource as important as rare earth.
Our province is rich in high-quality fluorite resources. The grade of fluorite concentrate is about 96%, ranking second in the country in terms of basic fluorine chemical manufacturing. The report shows. Although the proven fluorite reserves in our province have increased slightly in recent years, with a total reserves of about 18.6 million tons, the annual mining capacity of the whole province is 2.82 million tons, and the service life is less than 7 years. The development of fluorine new material industry will face severe resource problems.
On the one hand, it is the scarcity of resources, on the other hand, it is the dilemma that resources can not be used locally.
Nianbaoyi, executive vice president of Sanming fluorine chemical industry technology research institute, told reporters that the total supply of fluorite ore in our province exceeds the demand, the digestion capacity of our province is insufficient, and one third of fluorite concentrate powder is exported. Because the fluorine chemical industry in our province mostly belongs to natural agglomeration, the overall scale is not large, and has not formed a perfect industrial chain. At present, the industrial development is mainly concentrated in Nanping, Sanming and other counties and cities, and the low-end products with low added value, high energy consumption and high pollution account for a large proportion in the industrial chain.
"The products of most enterprises still stay in primary products such as hydrofluoric acid and fluoride, which not only consume a lot of fluorite resources, but also produce a lot of waste gas and slag pollution." Nianbaoyi said that the existing major fluorination enterprises in the province are mainly subsidiaries of enterprises outside the province, and there are no "native" name card enterprises in Fujian. To a certain extent, Fujian's fluorine chemical industry may become a "colonial" base of powerful industry leaders in other provinces.
Nianbaoyi introduced that our province is also rich in tungsten, graphite, rare earth, quartz sand, andalusite and other resources, which provides a resource base for the development of inorganic fluorine chemical industry such as tungsten fluoride, graphite fluoride, rare earth fluoride, aluminum fluoride and so on. If the industrial development still focuses on the export of primary products and does not extend to high-end areas, it will not only waste resources, but also fail to upgrade the industry.
How to base on the advantages of resources and keep the industrial chain in the local area? Build industrial service platform to become a bridge and link.
Focus on scientific research service and industrial agglomeration
Sanming, with fluorite reserves ranking the first in Fujian Province, is listed in the growth industry cluster of Fujian Province, with 10 fluorite new material enterprises, forming a relatively complete main industry chain of fluorite chemical industry.
In 2017, relying on Sanming University, Sanming municipal government established the first fluorine chemical industry technology research institute in Fujian Province to serve the technological breakthrough, talent training and achievement transformation of fluorine chemical industry in Sanming City. In 2018, Fujian Provincial Development and Reform Commission approved the construction of "Fujian fluorine new material engineering research center" and "6.18 Collaborative Innovation Institute fluorine chemical industry branch" to settle in Sanming University.
According to Li Qiyong, Dean of School of resources and chemical engineering of Sanming University, it is necessary to strengthen the cooperation among the government, universities, research institutes and enterprises for improving the high quality system of fluorine chemical industry, tackling key industrial core technologies and cultivating industrial clusters. In order to promote the integration of resources, the intensification of factors and the optimization of structure, the Research Institute focuses on the whole innovation chain science and technology service from science to technology, from technology to engineering, and from engineering to product.
The reporter learned that at present, Sanming, Nanping, Longyan and other cities have taken fluorine chemical industry as a key industry for cultivation and development, and increased the adjustment of fluorite and fluorine chemical industry. Through industrial guidance, the structure of fluorine chemical industry will be transferred from the production of primary products such as hydrofluoric acid and fluoride salt to downstream products such as fluorine-containing polymers and products with high technology content, high added value and good growth potential, and fluorine-containing fine chemicals. The adjustment of industrial chain undoubtedly needs to break through the technical difficulties faced by fluorine chemical industry.
"To gather the industrial chain, we are the vanguard, the base, the hub and the support. In order to let the industry university research institute really" sink down ", we cooperate with industry experts such as Shanghai organic Research Institute, Xiamen University and Zhejiang Chemical Institute to speed up the promotion of key technologies and overcome industrial technical problems." Li Qiyong said that facing the first-line production needs of enterprises, the Research Institute, haisifu chemical and new materials for agriculture, rural areas and farmers have set up a number of major R & D projects, and jointly carried out the development of key industrial technologies to form a variety of high-end fine chemicals. The research institute also helped to introduce Shanghai silver leopard fund company and invested in the first phase of Sanming Mingfu new material industry investment fund of 500 million yuan.
According to the introduction, relying on the industrial service platform, Sanming is currently focusing on expanding the downstream industrial chain, carrying out "point-to-point" targeted investment promotion around high-end fluorine chemical projects such as fluorine-containing surfactants, drug intermediates and new materials, and promoting the agglomeration of fluorine new material construction projects with large investment scale, high technology content and strong radiation power to Sanming, so as to change the production of fine chemical industry The value of fluorine is only 23% of the total output value of new fluorine materials.
Developing space to circular economy
With the stricter safety and environmental protection standards in China, it is urgent to develop environment-friendly and clean fluorine chemical technology.
At the end of 2018, the "opinions on promoting green and efficient development of fluorine chemical industry in Fujian Province" issued by our province proposed to support the establishment of circular economy demonstration park in fluorine chemical industry park, encourage fluorine chemical industry park to make full use of new technologies and processes for energy saving and comprehensive utilization of resources, promote green, circular and low-carbon development in the park, and strive to achieve "zero" emission.
"Excessive emissions, untimely digestion, and the formation of a" Reservoir Expansion ", enterprises have to stop production, which is undoubtedly fatal to the development of enterprises." Nianbaoyi said that if the infrastructure construction is not perfect and the emission treatment lags behind, it will restrict the production of enterprises and affect the implementation of new projects.
According to nianbaoyi, about one million tons of quartz sand are produced by fluorite beneficiation every year, most of which are used as backfill or abandoned. Anhydrous hydrofluoric acid produces more than 400000 tons of gypsum annually, most of which are only used as additives in cement production.
The development of circular economy, let the enterprise emissions on-site digestion, become the voice of the industry. In Sanming, there have been breakthroughs in the industrialization projects, such as the preparation of colored sand for building exterior wall with fluorite tailings, the comprehensive utilization of waste hydrochloric acid to produce sewage treatment agent, the production of inorganic fluoride from waste hydrofluoric acid, the preparation of gypsum whisker and gypsum insulation board from fluorogypsum, the by-product of hydrofluoric acid production process. From the source development to the end treatment, the fluorine chemical industry green cycle industry chain expands the space for industrial development.
The report shows that in recent years, with the guidance of governments at all levels and relevant departments and driven by favorable policies, the industrial scale, product structure and process level of fluorine new materials in our province have been significantly improved, reversing the situation at the low end of the industrial chain, especially the production technology of fine chemicals, tetrafluoroethylene polymerization and new energy products, reaching the leading level in China. The production technology of hydrogen fluoride in our province is advanced, the intelligent level of production control system is high, the whole process monitoring and automatic control of production process are achieved, and the production efficiency is high.
Fluorine new materials have become the supporting raw materials for the development of new materials, new energy, electronic information, new medicine and other strategic emerging industries and the upgrading of traditional industries. It is of great significance to promote the structural adjustment and product upgrading of manufacturing industry. Along with the integrated innovation and development of advanced technology, green manufacturing and intelligent control, the fluorine chemical industry in our province has a bright future.